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Audio Adrenaline - Lift chords

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Audio Adrenaline
Lift, 2002
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Instrumental, same as Chorus
Gb                Db
Ebm               Abm     Db

Verse 1
Ebm          Db                        Gb
     Count them, every one

All of the million things you've done 
Ebm                Db             Gb
     You are the lord of my life 

         Ebm                   Db              Gb
And I roll them over and over, in my head,

     In my head, but I don't understand 
Ebm           Db                           Gb
     But I'm glad You're in my life 

(Two measure break)

         Gb     Db           Ebm
And I lift You up so high 
       Bbm            Db
     I forget about the world I'm
Gb               Db
     Living in, lay it at Your feet 
I'm giving in 
My joy inside 
I cannot hide 
I love to lift You up


Verse 2
Ebm     Db             Gb
     Lord I love You

You're a father's hand at night 
Ebm             Db                     Gb
     You're the sunshine in the day 

         Ebm            Db                Gb
And I long to be with You all my days 

In old age, if I'm still hanging around 
Ebm        Db                         Gb
     I'll be found around with You 

With You
(Four measure break)



[Gb,     Abm,    Bbm,    Db]  (x2)
 Lift You up

[Gb              Db
 Ebm            Bbm    Db]
 So high

[Gb              Db
 Ebm            Bbm       Db]
 Lift You up

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