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Bear Vs Shark - Second tab

Standard tuning.

This is a really easy song. It's just three chords for the parts with words and three 
for the rest of the song. Strumming isn't difficult. Typical acoustic-esque with mutes 
now and then. Nothing that listening to the song can't solve.

As far as I can tell, these are the shapes that he uses.

 E5   F#5  G#5

And then either an Emaj (022100) or the E5 with the open E string (079900). It's hard to 
because they're almost the same chord. The Emaj works better to emphasize the 
between it and the first chord, though.

So the words part goes like this:

E5          G#5          F#5        Emaj
  And I'll take what is given to me
E5          G#5          F#5        Emaj
  and I'll realize I'm not going home
E5          G#5          F#5        Emaj
  and after a while, when all of your currency gone
E5            G#5          F#5                        Emaj
  and after a while, when all your mistakes have been made
  and you've tasted the carbon dioxide...

At the end of the word "dioxide," the song switches to a new chord progression that goes 
this until the end of the song.

  B5   F#5  E5

For a moment he does something that sounds like this behind the chords about 2:45 in:


After that there is a short period where he plays around picking out the chords really 
Not worth tabbing out, just some guitar wankery. Then There's a synth wall to take us out 
the song.

If you're playing this on acoustic for some reason and need your chords to sound 
play it with open E and e strings. It's in Emaj so it'll work regardless of which chord you choose.

If you have any questions, my email is My name is Dylan Griggs. My 
name is KlayScott. My NAME is not Klay Scott. Klay Scott is someone else and I don't 
my tab misattributed like my Ma Jolie tab was.
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