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Biffy Clyro - When You Were Young tab

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               ~# BIFFY CLYRO - WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG #~

G5      3X0033
Cadd9   X30033
Dsus4   XX0233
Em7     022033
**Im aware that Cadd9 is actually x32033 
but i couldn't find a correct chord name for it**


E------xxx---xxx---xxxxxxx----------------|          (x2)

E------xxx--xxxxxxx--xxx--xxxxx---xxxxx-|          (x1)

~Verse 1~ 

Cadd9                  Dsus4       Em7
You sit there in your, heart   -   ache

G5              Cadd9
Waiting on some beautifull boy to

Cadd9              Dsus4   Em7
Save you from your old  -  ways

G5               Cadd9
Play forgivness, now here it comes

Cadd9                        Dsus4    Em7
He doesn't look a thing like  Je   -  sus,

G5                             Cadd9
But he talks like a gentleman,


Cadd9         Em7     G5            Cadd9
When you were young , When you were young

G5            Dsus4    Em7          Cadd9
When you were yooo  -  uuung

~Verse 2~

Cadd9                         Dsus4     Em7
Can we climb this mountain, I don't  -  know

G5              Cadd9     
Higher now than ever before, I

Cadd9             Dsus4      Em7
We can make it if we take it slow
G5                Cadd9
Lets take it easy

Cadd9                        Dsus4    Em7
Were buring down the highway sky   -  line

       G5                     Cadd9
On the back of a hurricane.

(~Chorus 2, as Chorus 1, above.~)

~Bridge~ (Single strums on first 2 lines)

The devils water it aint so sweet

   Em7                        Dsus4
You don't have to drink right now

But you can dip your feet in

      Em7              Dsus4
Every once in a little while


(Play opening chords as shown above in intro
 on top of "When you were Young" x3)

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