Big Star - Daisy Glaze chords

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Daisy Glaze

    A        D
I'm driving alone 
    A         D
I'm sad about you  
    A         D
I'm not going home  
A         D
What's to do?  

      Em                  A  G F#m Fm
You'd better not leave me here.  
Em                  A  G F#m Fm
Better not leave me here.  
Em                  A  G F#m Fm
Ooh, and I want you here.  
Em                   A  As4  A  Asus4  A  A6  A7
How can you leave me here?  

I lie in a stream 
And floating by 
Perceiving things  
In my beautiful mind  

Sometimes, oh sometimes.  
Sometimes so sublime.  
Lover yes I am.  
Lover you know I am. Ooooh.

D6 (w\D) 
Now I'm at a bar. 
It's gotta be where they are.  
Gonna dance in the bar  
D                   A  Asus4 A 
Gonna fight on the phone.  
Em                 A  Asus4 A
Faster than I can see. 

D6 (w\D)
Now I'm gonna score. 
Make for the door.  
D           A   Asus4  A
Who is this whore?  
Em              A  Asus4  A
Soon be back in drag 
    G     F#m      Em    Bm
And don't think in Christ,  
             A    Bm
I'll find my life.  
I'll find my life....oh yeah.   

You're gonna die. 
Yes, You're gonna die. 
Right now. 
You're gonna die. 
You're gonna decease. 

end on chords: D, Bm, F#m, A

by: Josť Duarte
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