Blind Willie Mctell - Searching The Desert For The Blues chords

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Blind Willie McTell - Searching the Desert for the Blues
Chords by: Brian Waldron

This is the way I play the chords for this song, I think it works better.

C G7 F C
C G7 C F7 C
           C         G7             F                       C
You may search the ocean, you might go across the deep blue sea,
           C                  G7                 C F7 C
But mama you'll never find another hot shot like me.

      C         G7              F             C
I followed my baby, from the station to the train,
          C                   G7                    C F7 C
and the blues came down like dark night and showered me.

I left her at the station, wringing her hands and cryin'.
I told her she had a home just as long as I had mine.

I've got two women, and you can't tell 'em apart.
I got one in my bosom, the other one in my heart.

The one in my bosom, she's in Tennessee,
And the one in my heart don't even give a darn for me.

I used to say a married woman, were the sweetest woman ever born,
But I've changed that thing, you better let married women alone.

Take my advice, let these married women be,
'Cause their husbands will grab ya and beat ya ragged as a cedar tree.
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