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Blue Oyster Cult - Cities In Flame tab

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
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From: Ed Tidwell 

Note: Use your baby finger alot especially with Buck Dharma's Style.

h = hammer on
p = pull off
bu9to11 = means have note bent to 11 at start of play.
bu9to11to9 = means bend 9 to 11 and release back to 9.
*** = triplet
^ = hold for ~1/4
O = Open
E7/B = E seventh chord with a B root ( bass ) note.


Cities on Flame ( With Rock and Roll )

Key of A so F# Blues type runs work great.

R = rest
*** = triplet

Main Riff


                       ***                      ***

   F#m                                  Em
My heart is Black and my lips are cold. Cities on Flame with rock and roll.

      F#m                                        Em
Three thousand guitars they seem to cry.      My ears will melt and then

               D                          A              Bm
my eyes.  So,  let the girl let that girl rock and roll. Cities on Flame
               (play D full and emphasis F# and E-first string with chord)

now,      with rock and roll.

Single Notes:

   F#       A  F#     C#         F#
My heart is    black      and my lips  etc.

E      G  E      B       E        G  E     B        F#
Cities on Flame     with rock and    roll.    Three thousand
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