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Blue Rodeo - Montreal tab

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From: (Frank Semrau)

Blue Rodeo:  Montreal

We met in Montreal far from the crime
moving in circles running with so little time.
A/D                     G/C
Sat and we talked about rumours and lies,
stayed till the sun hit the floor.

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You wore the dress from the old market stall
people and places said you forgetting them all.
A/D               G/C
I don't know if I believed you or not
as I stared at you outside your door.

Those were the times that was our life,
I probably wouldn't change one little thing if I tried.
G/C                                               A/D
Moments together mapped out like the stars in the sky.
G/C               A/D           D/G G/C          A/D        D/G
Now you're in the things that I do, still I miss talking to you.

Late in your bed you said don't you be sad
think of how lucky we are for the things that we've had.
A/D                       G/C
Life that's around me I'm letting it go
but you stay up here in my head.

Those were the times that was our life ....

    ./\.       "Der Frank, der war in Kanada ... es war aber kana da!"
 _|\|  |/|_
 \        /
     ||         Frank W. Semrau (2:2480/76.95) Point 95 der DO IT!
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