Bon Iver - Beth Rest chords

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--------------- Bon Iver - Beth / Rest ---------------

---------------tabbed by ClassicManiac----------------

(Capo 2)

[Intro chords = verse chords: G - C - C - Em - C]

Errant heat to the star
And the rain let in
    C                 Em                 C
The hawser rolls, the vessel's whole and Christ, it's thin

         D               G
Well I'd know that you'd offer
            D               C
Would reveal it, though it's soft and flat
Won't repeat it, cull and coffer's that
        G                 Am
For the soffit, hang this homeward

Pry it open with your love
        D                       C
Sending lost and alone standing offers

It is steep, it is stone
Such recovery
         C                Em               C
From the daily press, the deepest nest, in keeper's keep

All the news at the door
Such a revelry
           C                Em             C 
Well, it's hocked inside of everything you said to me

       D             G
It was found what we orphaned
              D         C
Didn't mention it would serve us picked
Said your love is known
I'm standing up on it
Aren't we married?

I ain't living in the dark no more
           D                       C
It's not a promise, I'm just gonna call it

(still C)
 Heavy mitted love
Our love is a star
Sure some hazardry
        C                Em           C
For the light before and after most indefinitely


Here and there Cadd9 (X-3-2-0-3-3) might be sounding a bit more accurate than a normal C,
try playing around with that a little and use the chord that sounds better to you.
Hope you enjoy this one! :-)
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