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Brad Paisley - Good Morning Beautiful tab

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Good Morning Beautiful by Brad Paisley
Tabbed by: Erik Buchelt 9-28-2007 10:48 PM
For the one I love. :,)

If you follow along with the song for strumming, you'll get it
on the first try!


G            D               Am          C
Good morning beautiful,      How as your night?
G            D               Am          C
Mine was     wonderful, with you by my side, And when I
G            D               Am             C
open my      eyes and        see your sweet face
C            Am              D           G
It's a       good morning    beautiful   day

C                         G
I couldn't see the light, I didn't know day from night
C                         G
I had no reason to care-are-are
C                         G 
Since you came along,     I can face the dawn
C                      D 
Cause I know you'll be there



C                     G
I never worry if it's raining outside
C                         D
In here with you girl the sun always shines


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