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Brantley Gilbert - Best Of Me chords

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I did not write this tab, but it MUST be here.

Capo I

Verse 1
G                      D/F#
I found box of memories, read a letter dropped tear where you signed your name, turnin' 
     Em7   D                       C2         
the page, smearin' the ink in love always
G              D/F#
Girl I always start this way, then I end up in a bottle screamin' out you name, punchin' the 
Em7 	          D               C2
walls carryin' on like I've gone insane
D/A                                                    Em7                   D/A
And in the mirror I can see the man who just shook his head with no remorse, watchin' an
                                       C2                   D
angel cry tears as she stepped over my beers headed out the door.

G                          D/F#                       Em7
There ain't nothin' like a memory, when its comin' on strong like a hurricane, how could 
C2                  D/F#   D 	 C2                                G                  D/F#
love like that just up and walk away, killin' me baby, its got me pourin' up another drink, 
                     Em7                                C2               Em7
bourbonís hittin' me hard like a freight train, with my back against the wall or on my 
D                         C2                      G
knees, when worst of your memory gets the best of me.

Verse 2

Well I remember it all too well, ridin' 441 down to Milledgeville, crossin' the 
bridge as the sun set on Lake Sinclair
I couldn't wait to see your smile, but all I saw was tears in your pretty eyes, 
and that said it all, it was all downhill from there
And I remeber you sayin' baby please don't give up on me, but this stubborn man is 
gonna line the bed he made,

Chorus x2

G   D/F#    Em7   D  C2  D/A
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