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Breaking Benjamin - Forever chords

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Hey this is my first tab so dont chew me out:D. I think it sounds very close to 
the song and this is what i play whether its right or not. Now on the Chorus I 
really dont know if its right or not but when you listen it goes pretty well with 
the lyrics. The first chord i know is off but i cant really hear it but its not 
tough to sing along with the D. Hope you like it!
(Sorry if it looks wierd but if you listen to the song it should be straight forward)
INTRO               VERSE (Repeat)


Dont Know Some Chord Names So Bear With Me
      (This one)
    D     A2     A     G                         D A2     A       G
e|--2-----X------X-----X------------|         Can I stay alive forever?
B|--3-----5------2-----3------------|             D A2     A       G
G|--2-----2------2-----0------------|         Can I stay alive forever?
D|--0-----2------2-----0------------|             D A2     A       G
A|--0-----0------0-----2------------|         Can I stay alive forever?
 I hope you like it!  If there are any changes that need to be made post a comment 
please! Feedback Wanted!
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