Britney Spears - Overprotected chords

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I Play it like this, but if you want to play along the record put a capo on the 8th fret.


       Am        B7          Em
Say hello to the girl that I am!
                     Am          B7               Em
You're gonna have to see through my perspective
                  Am             B7         Em
I need to make mistakes just to learn who I am
                  Am     B7                Em
And I don't wanna be so damn protected


           Am          D 
There must be another way
Cause I believe in taking chances
    Am           D
But who am I to say
What a girl is to do
God, I need some answers


Am               B7          Em
    What am I to do with my life
(You will find it out don't worry)
Am              B7                    Em
    How Am I supposed to know what's right?
(You just got to do it your way)
Am           D              G
    I can't help the way I feel
        C               Am      B7           Em
But my life has been so over-    -protected

You figure out the rest =)
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