Bryant Oden - The Duck Song chords

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Song: The Duck Song

Artist: Bryan Oden

Key: F Major


C                     F        G 
A duck walked up to a lemonade stand
C                      F            G 
And he said to the man, running the stand
C           F    G          C          F     G
"Hey! (Bum bum bum) Got any grapes?" 
The man said
       F       G              C
"No we just sell lemonade. But itís cold

And it's fresh
  F         G                 C
And itís all home-made. Can I get you 
F       G

The whole song has the same chord progression, except for at 2:19, where they hold 
the G Major chord. Other than that, it is the same C - F - G progression.

Another way to play it, if you don't own a capo is to, instead of playing the C F 
G at the fifth fret, is to play a F, Bb, C, all open. But it sounds much better at 
the fifth fret, to be honest.

Have fun playing this addicting song!!

-Andrew Johnson
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