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Buckcherry - Out Of Line tab

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			     Out of Line - Buckcherry

Out of line

Intro: A-G-D-A chord progression

        A    G       G       D       A
 I will sacrifice, I promise I値l behave
            A      G             G          D         A
I値l keep my head high, I値l keep my foot out of the grave
  A           G                    G          D       A
I知 lucky I found you, you know you always speak the truth
        A         G    G       D       A
Cause in my past life baby I got screwed
          A      G         D
 And I知 still out of line
When it comes to you
         A      G        D  
And I知 still out of line
I keep trying to break through

Chorus Tab (hit the G note on "And")


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