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Caesars - Winter Song tab

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Artist: Leaf-fat
Song: Winter Song
Album: Underworld Kingdom
Tabber: Matic Toni

Easy song, just go along the song's rythm. This chords aren’t 100% correct but they are 
to go. Please Rate my tab xD

D5  D5  D5  D5

D5	B5
Hide your face in your gold
And don´t come out
G	A5
Cos the world is made of leaders in the crowd

D5	B5
I despise the shining on you
B5	G5
Don´t even want to look inside of you
G5	A5
Your barking- result of pushing your fears away!

D5	B5               G5
We´ve got nothing incommon
G5                     A5
Just like night & day…

B5                        D5
Your ignorance has shake the ground
D5                             G5
Your hatred is fighting in this round
This is the way you wanted to be…

D5                B5
I don´t understand
B5                    G5
That you feel no remorse
We are not here to be mocked
So show us the doors

D5                             B5
We are not first or the last
B5                                G5
Who`ĺl turn the back on you
Shut your fucking mouth
Figure it out on your own!!!

B5	D5	G5                    A5
And you know that you always wanted to be like that…
B5                             D5                       G5    
And you know that at first you´ve tried to sacrifice your life just for me
   B5                                       D5
…Just for me, you have tried to sacrifice !!!
G5               A5
Sacrifice !!! ( don´t wanna be, want it this way )
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