Carl Cartee - Brand New Day chords

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Brand New Day - Carl Cartee

C#m E C#m E

Verse 1:
 C#m                                              A          F#m7
Morning star has risen, can't you hear creation crying out? Jesus,

          C#m7                                             A
He has promised us forgiveness, breaking forth the rising like the dawn,

Jesus, Jesus.

 E                   G#m
Every sin has been erased,

 A                     F#m7
Mercy has descended, darkness has been lifted.

 E                        G#m         A
Hope has filled an empty grave, the cross has conquered death,

F#m7                           A E B              A E B
Love has brought a brand new day,    brand new day.

Verse 2: Chains of guilt are falling, the curse of sin is broken by the name Jesus.
He has freed the one in prison, He has healed the broken and the lame.
Jesus, Jesus.

       C      G                A
A new day, a new day, a new day has come.

       C      G                A
A new day, a new day, a new day has come.

E G#m A E G#m F#m7
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