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Carl Cartee - Honestly chords

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Honestly by: Carl Cartee
This is not the exact key he plays it in I had to change it for the youth band at my church!

Capo 3

Intro:(no Cajon)
Am F2 C G

Verse 1:
Could I let go of all that you've given

If it meant that it all would be yours

Could I sit at your feet and forget about me

And remember what I'm here for

  Am                   F2
Honestly i need to be broken

  C                      G
Honestly I need to fall down

Am                          F2
Go ahead and shake my foundations

         C                     G
'Cause honestly I'm figuring out

That of all that I have

C           G       F2
All that I need is you

      Am (F2 C G)

Verse 2:
If I leave behind all that's familiar 

Can I do what has never been done

If I believe in you like you believe in me

Can you finish the work You've begun


Am F2 C

G                         Am
'Cause You're all that I need

Chorus(no cajon)
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