Celebration Church - Anthem chords

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key of G
standard tuning
song writers: Andrew Baird & Pedzi Mawande

C                      D                     Em D
    Great is Your love reaching to the heavens 
C                               D                 G/B
    Your faithfulness reaches to the skies 
     Stir up our souls 
D                         Em  D     C
Come and make Your presence known
         Am7      Dsus4      D 
Until all creation hears our cry

              G         Em
This is our anthem, our love song 
     D   C 
O Jesus, be exalted 
     G         Em      D
Forever and ever in our hearts 
C             G                D/F#         Em
Jesus be exalted,       Jesus be exalted 
C             G                D/F#         Em     C
Jesus be exalted,       Jesus be exalted 

G       D/F#            Em                   C
    Be exalted O God     above the heavens 
G               D/F#    Em               C
    Let Your glory be over all the earth

2.     God of mercy, in You we find our refuge 
You are our shelter from every evil storm
If perfect freedom 
Lies with those who praise Your name
Then let all creation sing as one
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