Citizens - Made Alive chords

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Verse 1
C                  Em
I once was dead in sin,
D                      C  Em  D
Alone and hopeless
C                   Em
A child of wrath I walked,
D                      C Em D
Condemned in darkness
C                         Em
But Your mercy brought new life,
And in your love and kindness
C                  Em
Raised me up with Christ,
And made me righteous

         C         Em            D      G
You have bought me back with the riches of
     C        Em       D          G
Your amazing grace and relentless love
         C      Em             D         G            C        Em       D    G
I'm made alive forever with you life forever by your grace I'm saved

Verse 2
Lord you are the light, that broke the darkness
You satisfy my soul when I am heartless
If ever I forget, that you’re my true identity, 
Show me who I am, and help me to believe


   C            Em       D
My sin has been erased
     C            Em      D
I'll never be the same

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