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City And Colour - The Grand Optimist chords

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I haven't uploaded any tabs before so this is my first one but it sounds just about spot on. 
This song is from Dallas Green's new album and it's absolutely amazing. I'm not entirely 
sure about chord names but they're written down there.

Tabbed by: Tom Prest

Tuning: Standard (Capo 3)


      C    Em   Am   G

Intro: C Em Am C Em Am


C          Em             Am
I fear I'm dying of complications

      C              Em                    Am
Complications due to things that I've left undone

            C                  Em
That all my debts will be left unpaid

Feel like a cripple without a cane

           C               Em
I'm like a jack of all trades

Who's a master of none

Verse 2:

C               Em
Then there's my father

He's always looking on the bright side

       C            Em                       Am
Saying things like "son life just ain't that hard"

          C            Em
He is the grand optimist

I am the world's poor pessimist

             C                Em
You give him buttons sometimes

And he will escape unscarred


G                       Am
I guess I take after my mother    x2

I used to be quite resilient
Gain no strength from counting the beads on a rosary 
Now the wound has begun to turn
Another lesson that has gone unlearned
But this is not a cry for pitty or for sympathy

I guess I take after my mother    x2
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