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Classical - La Folia tab

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La Folia
Chord by Calculate900

This is an acoustic arrangement for La Folia, one of the oldest European songs in 
recorded history.  The main arrangement is simple, with the progression:
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Dm   A7   Dm   C   F   C   Dm   A7
Dm   A7   Dm   C   F   C   A7*   Dm

However, I've found that this setup sounds most like the original version (the 
asterisk shows an alternative fingering for the same chord):

(From low to high E)
Dm- x x 0 2 3 1
A7- x x 2 0 2 0
C- x 3 5 5 5 3
F- x x 3 5 6 5
A7*- 5 7 5 6 5 5

For inexperienced players, the chord progression may be a tad difficult, but once 
you get it down, it's a nice tune to make variations for.
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