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Clutch - Texan Book Of The Dead tab

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From: (Burning Inside)
Date: 28 Nov 95 21:48:19 -0500
Subject: "Texan Book of the Dead" by Clutch

Texan Book of the Dead          by Clutch
                                from the album "Clutch"
                                words and music by Tim Sult, Dan Maines,
                                        Neil Fallon and Jean-Paul Gaster
                                tabbed by Tom Mallon

E ----------------------------------------------------------|
B ----------------------------------------------------------|
G ----------------------------------------------------------|
D ----------------------------------------------------------|
A ----------------------------------------------------------|
E --3p0-0-3p0-0-3p0-3-0-------------------------------------|

E |--------------------------|
B |--------------------------|
G |.------------------------.|
D |.------------------------.|
A |--------------------------|
E |-5p3p0-3---5p3p0-3---3--4-|

E |-----------------------------|--0---4--------------------|
B |-----------------------------|--0---4--------------------|
G |.---------------------------.|---------------------------|
D |.---------------------5--2--.|---------------------------|
A |----------------------5--2---|---------------------------|
E |-3p0-0---3p0-0---3p0--3--0---|---------------------------|

There you have it.  A very simple but extremely cool song.
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