Conway Twitty - Linda On My Mind chords

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          A                                           A7
Now I'm lying here with Linda on my mi-ind
     D                                                           A
And next to me, my soon to be, the one I left behind
And lord it's killing me to see her cry-in'
                 D                    E7
She know's I'm lying here beside her
with Linda on my mind

Verse I:

A                                                                               A7
Yes I know that I once loved her and I placed no one above her
        D                                       A
And I never thought I'd ever set her free
     D                                    A
But it just wasn't in my plan, the way Linda squeezed my hand
     B7                              E7
The first time that I held her close as she danced with me

Verse II: 
She said I've loved you for a long time,
But you're married to a friend of mine
    D                               A
And I try hard to never let it show,
         D                                         A      A7   D
But my love for you is stronger, I can't hide it any longer
     A                     E7              A
And so I thought I'd better let you know

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