Daft Punk - Emotion tab

Artist: Daft Punk
      Song: Emotion
          Album: Human After All

Standard tuning
Tabbed this thanks to Schnoogles.

e|------------------------| (bass notes not shown here)
G|----4---5----------7----| (let the "C" note ring on the G string when lifting your
D|----5---7-----5----7----|  finger to play the "G" note on the D string.)

0:00 Repeat 8 times   -   intro
0:38 Repeat 8 times   -   vocals come in
1:18 Repeat 4 times   -   bass comes in

e|---------------------------| (bass notes not shown here)
B|----3---5----------7--8----| (do the same here, let "C" and "C" ring while playing
G|----4---5----------7-------|  the "G" note on the D string. Also do the same
D|----5---7-----5----7-------|  with that last half step up on the B string.)

1:38 Repeat 4 times   -   new riff
1:58 Repeat 4 times   -   bass stops
2:17 Repeat 12 times  -   bass/beat comes in w/ yeeuh

e|------------------------| (bass notes shown here)
A|-------------------5----| (the bass has a consistent rhythm. The way the melody is
E|----0----5----8---------|  played, the "A" note is given a slight syncopated sound.)

3:15 Repeat 8 times   -   bass/beat stops, 1st riff
3:55 Repeat 4 times   -   bass comes in w/ yeeuh 

e|---------------------------| (bass notes shown here)
D|----5---7-----5----7-------| (the "C" bass note may have to be slightly reached for.
A|-------------------5-------|  the same note can also be played on the A string
E|----0----5----8------------|  third fret depending on how your fingering is.)

4:14 Repeat 4 times   -   2nd riff
4:34 Repeat 4 times   -   bass stops
4:53 Repeat 24~ times -   bass/beat comes in w/ yeeuh

fade out........

tabbed by: Blaine Arihara

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