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Dan Auerbach - Trouble Weighs A Ton tab

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			 TROUBLE WEIGHS A TON - Dan Auerbach
Tabbed by: Nick Celender
Date: 2/23/09
Tuning: Standard
Capo: 2, chords relative to

D - xx0232
C - x32013
C/G - 332010
Am - x02210
G - 320003

Riff 1:

  (G)   (C)

Riff 2:


Verse 1:

       G            C/G      G        C     G    
What's wrong, dear brother, have you lost faith

G                    (Riff 1)  C  (Riff 2)	   
Don't you remember a better place

Needles and things have done you in 

G                 C   (Riff 2)
Like the setting sun

G                  G      C         G
Oh dear brother, trouble weighs a ton

Verse 2:
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       G           C/G     G        C          G
What's wrong dear sister, did your world fall down

     G             (Riff 1)    C   (Riff 2)
Men misuse you and push you around

D                  D
Same story dear, year after year

G             C  (Riff 2)
Pathetic men run

G                 G         C      G                  
Oh, dear sister, trouble weighs a ton

Am                  G  C
Trouble in the air

Am                  G  C
Trouble all I see

     Am             G  C
Does anybody care

Am                  G  C
Trouble killing me
It's killing me

Verse 3:

       G           C/G              G     C     G  
What's wrong dear mother, has your child disobeyed

G                       (Riff1)  C   (Riff2)
And left you hurting in so many ways

       D                 D
What once was sweet, is sorrow and grief

    G           C   (Riff2)
It cannot be undone

G                G       C       G
Oh dear mother, trouble weighs a ton 

G                G       C       G
Oh dear mother, trouble weighs a ton 

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