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Dandy Warhols - Green tab

Green - The Dandy Warhols
Tabbed by: Cye

This is my first tab so please don't hesitate to send me improvements/comments!

Tuning: Standard

Guitar 1: Lead
e|------------------------------------------|  |------------| 
B|-----3---1------1-------1------------0----|  |------1-----|
G|---2---2---2---------2-----2------0-----0-|x3|---2-----2--| Play through 
D|0-------------0---------------------------|  |------------| entire song.
A|-------------------3-----------2----------|  |-3----------|
E|------------------------------------------|  |------------|

Listen to the song for the rhythm.

Guitar 2: Rhythm

   D                 C            G              C
e|------------------------------------------|  |---|
B|-3-----------------1------------3---------|  |-1-|
D|-0-----------------2----------------------|  |-2-|
A|-------------------3------------2---------|  |-3-|
E|--------------------------------3---------|  |---|

Just do simple downstrokes when playing these chords.  I arranged them
in sync with the lead.

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