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Danzig - Brand New God tab

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
From: (Robert Anthony Flemming)

                               BRAND NEW GOD
                               From Danzig 4p
                          Tabbed by:Robert Flemming

All guitars are tuned down 1/2 step

Intro 4x
Figure 1 16x
Figure 2
Figure 1 12x
Figure 2
Fill 1
Figure 3 2x
Figure 3 w/ Figure 4 5x
Fill 2 w/ Fill 3
Figure 1 12x
Figure 2 3x
       INTRO                        Figure 1
e+---+------------+         +------------------------+   Insert misc. muted
B+---+------------+         +------------------------+   strings and random
G+-4-+----------4-+         +------------1010101010\-+   noise.
D+-4-+------4-3-4-+         +-9999XX999--1010101010\-+
A+-2-+-4^-2-----2-+         +-9999XX999--8-8-8-8-8\--+
E+---+------------+         +-7777XX777--------------+

  Figure 2                      Fill 1    

e+---+----+                 +---+--------+                    
B+---+----+		    +---+--------+		             
G+-7-+-11-+		    +-7-+--------+		      
D+-7-+-11-+                 +-7-+-444444-+		      
A+-5-+-9--+		    +-5-+-444444-+		      
E+---+----+		    +---+-222222-+		      

        Figure 3                   Figure 4
e+---------------------+    +---------------------+
B+---------------------+    +---------------------+
G+---------------------+    +-4444----------------+
D+---2^---2^---2^---4^-+    +-4444-7777-5555-4444-+
A+-2\---0\-------------+    +-2222-7777-5555-4444-+
E+-----------3\---2\---+    +------5555-3333-2222-+

       Fill 2                      Fill 3
e+-----------------+	    +------------------+
B+-----------------+	    +------------------+
G+-----------------+	    +-4444-------------+
D+---2^---2^--2^-4-+	    +-4444-7777-5555-4-+
A+-2\---0\-------4-+	    +-2222-7777-5555-4-+
E+----------3\---2-+	    +------5555-3333-2-+

e+-------------+            This should be pretty damn close.
B+-------------+            Just listen to the song first and 
G+-7-----------+            follow along.  Corrections are 
D+-7-444444444-+            encouraged and requested.

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