Dave Hause - Time Will Tell chords

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                         Time will tell - Dave Hause

tabbed by: Liese13
email: annika.westermann@gmx.de

tuning: standard  Capo 1st fret

Chords used: C G F Am


I've got blood all over my hands,
       G              F
in my eyes, on the strings
                  C          G           F
It's pouring out all over my favorite things
            C                Am           G             F
My guilty heart is beating faster, every time I try to sing
          F           C              G
It seizes up and my lungs begin to sting


      F          C            G          F
Only time will tell
      F          C            G
Only time will tell


Is it written all over my face? Should I even feel ashamed?
Or is it that early thirties thing, where some guys just go insane?
And then the doctors give us lithium but, we're never quite the same
Do we retreat to younger years to stop the pain?


Only time will tell x 4


You say there's not a god
Goddamnit I could use a little faith to keep me from
Am              G - F
crawling out of my skin

I think it's adding up,
Staying up blowing tombstone powder with the
Am                   G - F
broken hearted liars again

All my records feel like yearbook pictures,
              G         Am            G-F
there's a fondness but I can't remember where
I've been

                      Am                G            F
So I'm sharpening my pen, shooting the ink into my skin
G                          C        G        Am      G-F
Baby here's where we begin
Baby here's where we begin

These were the guitar chords so far. 
I hope you like it. In the song the piano part
is also very important. I would be very pleased if
someone could help me finding the piano chords :-)

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