Dave Matthews Band - Space Between chords

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			     The Space Between - DMB
Tabbed by: Reese Glidden

Tuning: Standard [EADGBe](Song written in [BEADF#B])


E-E-E-D (Hold the D for two bars)
A standard open E sounds good but for the D I like to use the top four strings of 
a D/F# chord. So the intro tab looks like this:

e|--------------|  This gives you F#, A, D, which makes up a standard D 
B|--------------|  major Triad, but it is lower than the usual D so it 
G|-1--1--1------|  sounds more like what Dace plays on his baritone. Later
D|-2--2--2--0---|  in the song he strums the D during the two measure hold, 
A|-2--2--2--0---|  but in the intro he just lets it ring.


Here Dave plays a 4 chord progression:
    A - A/G# - A/F# - A/G# 
e|----------------------------| This is a lower chord than the D-shape A 
B|--2----2------2------2------| chord that Dave can play on the Baritone,   
G|--2----2------2------2------| but it still sounds pretty good. I bar the 
D|--2----2------2------2------| second fret from D down with my first finger 
A|--0----x------x------x------| and use my 2nd finger for the Bass note of 
E|-------4------2------4------| the A/F# and my 4th finger for the bass in
A/G#. To start the Verse starts he hits the E three times, but then goes to
the A instead of the D.


I haven't figured out the "Look at us spinning out in The madness of a
roller coaster" part yet, but it doesn't look too difficult. I just wanted
to get a better set of chords for this song online. If you watch Dave play
this live you'll see different chord shapes because his baritone guitar is a
perfect fifth below a standard one. If anybody can help with the missing
section, feel free to send me an email. Thanks.

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