Dave Matthews Band - Two Step chords

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These are just the barebones chords for Two Step by Dave Matthews Band.
Dave plays much more complicated chords when playing live, but these are just the 
general chords he's playing. If you want to find the exact tab for this song its at 
http://www.dmbtabs.com/song.php?sid=24 . These chords were taken from the tab on that site.

Two Step
by Dave Matthews Band

Newer Intro
Dm  C  Gm

Older Intro

Dm  F/Bb  F/C  F  Dm

Dm  D/Bb or C  F  D/Bb  Am  Gm

Dm  D/Bb or C  F  D/Bb  Am  Gm

F  D/Bb  Am  Gm


F  C  Gm  Bb

"Things we cannot change.."

F  Bb  Am  Gm

Happy Playin'.
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