David Essex - Rock On chords

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David Essex
Rock On

Standard Tuning (E-A-D-G-B-e)
Capo 2!

Verse 1 
A   F#   E       F#     E    F#
Hey Kids Rock and Roll, Rock on, Ohh my soul

A   F#     E      F#   E   F#
Hey There, Boogie too, Did ya?

A   F#    E          F#     E                                 F#
Hey Shout summertime blues, jump up and down in my blue suede shoes

A   F#   E       F#     E    F#
Hey Kids Rock and Roll, Rock On

E                F#
And where do we go from here?

E             F#
Which is the way thats clear? Still looking for that

(Chorus goes RIGHT into Verse 2)
(verse 2)

A    F#    E    F#
Blue jean, Baby queen,

E                       F#
Prettiest girl i've ever seen

A       F#           E     F#
See her shake on the movie screen,

E     F#
Jimmy Dean (JAMES DEAN!)

E    F#
Rock On 
When the strings come in for that wierd part it goes something like this

(remember, capo on 2 fret)


There you have it, the song really isnt a strummer, but you canmake it that way

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