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Deep Purple - Painter tab

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The Painter Chords by Deep Purple
Tabbed by Mathias Braathen


Painter, come colour up my life

Em                                 Bm7

     Oh painter, come colour up my life

F#m (no 3rd)

   Take away the misery

Em (no 3rd)      Bm7

   Take away the strife


Writer, write me up a play

Em                             Bm7
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Oh writer, make the meaning gay

F#m (no 3rd)                    Em (no 3rd)

Well I donít need a poem


Just give me words to say



Singer, let me sing a song

Em                           Bm7

    Oh singer, let me sing a song, yeah

F#m (no 3rd)           Em (no 3rd)

     You don't have to worry


Cause singer you can sing along
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