Deerhunter - Revival chords

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REVIVAL - Deerhunter

This is an simple alternative for the rhythm guitar chords. Other tabs have the lead guitar. 
I also added what I heard in the outro, which the other tabs didn't have.

Capo on 4th fret - all chords relative to capo

A A7 G Em x2

A             A7
I'm saved, I'm saved
    G         Em             A
And oh, would you believe it?
On the third day
  G        Em
I felt his presence near me

D     C          G     Em        D
I know they won't believe me, but
D       C        G    Em
I've got favorite memories, well

Verse 2:
A             A7
I'm saved, I'm saved
    G         Em             A
And oh, could you believe it?
You won't regret
   G   Em
If you choose to believe it

D       C        G   Em          D
Freedom, silence, al - ways, yeah
D        C        G    Em
All these darkened hallways

Repeat intro:
A A7 G Em x4

C       D      G
Darkness always
It doesn't make much sense
C       D       G
Darkened hallways
          Em          A
Away from me, calling "stay"
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