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Der W - Der Hafen tab

This the my first time ever i tabbed a song and the tabs schuld be right =)

Have Fun 

e|-------------|-------------|--------------|  |------------2-|
B|----3---3--3-|----2---2--2-|----0---0---0-|  |--------------|
G|---4-4---4---|---4-4---4---|---4-4---4----|  |----3---3-----|
D|--4---4---4--|--4---4---4--|--4---4---4---|  |---4-4---4----|
A|-2-----------|-0-----------|--------------|  |--4---4---4---|
E|-------------|-------------|-3------------|  |-2------------|

  Sometimes the last chord changes with:

e|--------------|      |--------------|
H|------------2-|      |--------------|
G|----3---4-----|  Or  |----3---4---3-|
D|---4-4---4----|      |---4-4---4----|
A|--4---4---4---|      |--4---4---4---|
E|-2------------|      |-2------------|
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