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Devo - Snowball tab

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I came up with this tab on my acoustic.  I'm still working on making the acoustic
sound right to me and I've never heard Devo do anything acoustic so good luck.  It's pretty
and straightforward.

My baby took her love
And then she rolled it up
Rolled it up a hill
Like a pile of snow
Like a snowball rolls

G                 Em    A
Until it gets too big
G                 Em    A
Until she lost control
Then it rolled back down x4

A    G    Em   A
A    G    C    D    E

She took a tiny bit
And rolled it up again
Slower than before
She went a step too far
She had to let it go

G                    Em
I saw it go straight down
G               Em
My baby turned around
Started up again x4

Eyes were made for looking
Hands were made for holding
Hearts were made for loving
Lips were made for kissing
Legs for made for walking
Tracks were made to follow
D                     E
That's what I'm gonna do
A          G
Two tracks in the snow
A          G       Em
Two tracks up that hill
A                      G                   C      D
My heart broke when my baby left to tracks behind.

That's it.  Have fun.  De-evolve.
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