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Diana Krall - Fly Me To The Moon tab

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Artist: Diana Krall
Song: Fly me to the Moon

 Am  Dm   G   C    F   Bm   E

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Am            Dm
Fly me to the moon
           G              C
And let me play among the stars
F               Bm
Let me see what spring is like
   E           Am
On Jupiter and Mars
               G       C   
In other words hold my hand
Am             G       F    C
In other words darling kiss me

Am                Dm
Fill my life with song
           G            C    
And let me sing for evermore
F             Bm
You are all I hope for
      E            Am  
All I worship and adore
               G         G 
In other words please be true
Am             G F    C 
In other words I love you
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