Dickies - Im Ok Youre Ok tab

Band - The Dickies
Song - I'm OK You're OK
Tabbed By : SumFX (Tyler Freear)

Im suprised there are hardly any tabs for the Dickies!
So I am going to start tabbing them!

I was even nice enough to figure out the chorus keyboard!

This is a very easy song so have fun with it.

Note! - This is old Punk Rock so Barre Chords are recommended
but is sounds fine with just 5ths (powerchords)


Verse (Strumming is easy to figure out)

Chorus         Chorus for the keyboard transcribed for guitar!!!
|------------| |-----------------|-----------------|
|------------| |-----5-----5-----|-----7-----7-----|
|------------| |-5h6---5h6---5h6-|-7h8---7h8---7h8-|
|--7-----9---| |-----------------|-----------------|
|--7-----9---| |-----------------|-----------------|
|--5-----7---| |-----------------|-----------------|

The Structure is easy to grasp but if you have problems please - 
comment and i will fix that for you.

Rate & Comments would be appriciated
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