Dinosaur Jr - Hickory Wind tab

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Transcribed by Michael Chipperfield with the aid of Transcribe Version 6.0
Seventh String Software - http://www.seventhstring.demon.co.uk/

                      * Hickory Wind by Dinosaur Jr *

TUNING: tuned down a half step Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb
                     G     D     C    Gmajsus  Dsus4          

Verse 1:
 G               D    C                   G - Gmajsus - G
   In South Carolina     there's many tall pines

 G               D         C                 D
  I remember the oak tree    that we used to climb

                  C         D                G - Gmajsus - G
  But now when I'm lonesome   I'd always pretend

                      C       D            G - Gmajsus - G
  That I'm getting the feeling   of Hickory wind

Verse 2:
 G               D        C               G - Gmajsus - G
  I'd started out younger   had most everything

 G                  D          C                  D
  All the riches and pleasures   what else can life bring

                    C         D              G - Gmajsus - G
  But it makes me feel better   each time it begins

             C    D        G - Gmajsus - G
  Calling me home  Hickory Wind

Break:  D - C - G  (backing guitar starts here)

Verse 3:
 G                  D         C            G - Gmajsus - G
  Itís a hard way to find out   trouble is real

 G             D     C                 D
  In a far away city   with a far away feel

                  C           D              G - Gmajsus - G
  But it makes me feel better   each time it begins

            C     D         G - Gmajsus - G
  Calling me home   Hickory Wind

                   C     D         G - Gmajsus - G
  Keeps calling me  home   Hickory Wind

Ending Jingle:
Sl = slide
Hm = Hammer on              
Ho = Hammer off
^^ = Bend                              (Quick strum & mute on the last G chord)

        G                                                             G   G 
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