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Dire Straits - Heavy Fuel tab

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Heavy Fuel
Dire Straits
On Every Street 1996

Very complex cross rhythms and overdubs to 
deal with so I'll get the chords on here 
and you can play it as you wish.
At first sight the song looks like its in E
but once the melody is looked at we see the key of A.
The E should really be played on the 7th fret of A.

|E| |E| |E| |E| |E| |E| |E| |E| |E| |E| |E| |E| |E| |E| |E| |E|

Last time I was sober
                D  E
Man, I felt bad        
Worst hangover that I ever had
D    E            
Took six hamburgers
and scotch all night
nicotine for breakfast 

just to put me right

     D5      C
'Cos if you wanna run cool
if you wanna run cool
if you wanna run cool
you gotta run on
heavy heavy fuel
heavy heavy fuel
D5               E
heavy heavy fuel

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