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Dover - Someone Elses Bed tab

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Someone else's bed

Em                   G          D
was a little white lie i had to tell 
         C             G      D
just to make you understaaaaa...and 
Em        C                  G             D
That youuuuuu were trying too hard to see a light 
        C              G    D
in the coldest darkest niii...ght 
C                   G 
don't wanna hear or say 
a word again 
          Em           C 
i've been fasting for days 
don't wanna know how it feels 
   D           Em          C 
to lay down in someone else's bed 

 Em      C      G       D 
Uuuuhh,       ooooooh.. 
 Em       C      G        D
uuuuuh,       ooooooh...

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