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Downhere - Larger Than Life chords

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Artist: Downhere
Album: Downhere
Song: Larger Than Life (Copyright 1999, Slyngshot Records)


intro: D (then after a while of strumming...) Bm   (repetitively)

Walk this life beneath the stars
Contemplate just who we are
                          Bm                                 D
Against the backdrop of knowing God.

Seasons pass, they come and go
But one thing keeps its worth in gold
                          Bm                                   D
A timeless bond, sharing dreams we hold.

D                        A          D                G
It's larger than life, it's larger than we
D                       A                D                G
it's bigger than you, it's bigger than me
It's larger than life.

There's something here that tells me so
I was not made to walk alone
                               Bm                             D
It sharpens me to know we stand as one


D    Bm    D

C                                             D
Will our lives reflect the Maker

of the sky were living under
C                                                             D
It changes all to know you're really there
C                                                            D
When the space between us falls apart
C                                                      A
You're the bridge that gaps our hearts.

D                        A                         D              G
You're larger than life, you're larger than we
D                        A                         D               G
Who's bigger than you, you're bigger than me
You're larger than life.

Outro: D


Interspersed in the song is pretty much the same sequence of plucking:


(*)=once and a while, maybe after one regular set of the riff, they add the the stuff
in the brackets...
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