Downhere - Something Heavenly chords

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Downhere - Something Heavenly

Gm      Bb     Eb
All the angels see all the angles
Gm     Bb             Eb
With a view from both sides of the line
Gm   Bb     Eb
If I had not such a blind spot
Gm      Bb          Eb
Would I have a less difficult time
F                 Cm
Surrendering my ways?
                F              Eb
I would hang on every word You say

       Gm                     Eb
I'm so far from what I wanna be
      Bb                    F/A
Oh, I really am my own worst enemy
             Gm                        Eb
Please don't let me get the better of me
          Bb                           F/A
Take this earthly thing and make it finally
               Gm Bb Eb
Something heavenly,    I wanna be heavenly

Verse 2
Gm        Bb    Eb
Air is cleaner, grass is always greener
Gm       Bb            Eb
For the crowd of hosts up where they are
Gm         Bb         Eb
If I could visit, I'd just contaminate it
Gm     Bb              Eb
Why so big a place for me in Your heart
      F             Cm
To leave Your glory home
               F                Eb
Just to make a broken man Your own?

Cm   Eb        Gm        F
If I try to soar, I will fall for sure
Cm           Eb
So let your grace break through
    Bb                Ab           Eb
And lift me up upon it to be with You

       Gm Bb        Eb
I'm so far, stay close to me
       Gm Bb        Eb
I'm so far, stay close to me
                                 Gm Bb Eb
You're making me something heavenly
                Gm Bb Eb
Gonna be heavenly
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