Downhere - Holy chords

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Capo 2  - Chords are relative to capo
E  A  E  C#m  B  E

Verse 1
E       A           E
Father, composer of love
Oh great God of Abraham
Who gave his only Son
            E    A          E
You are the same yesterday, today
Forever you are faithful
And your covenant remains

A                     C#m
Holy is the Lord most high
E                   B
Holy is the Lord of lights
A                   C#m
Holy is the Lord of life
    B   E
You are holy, holy
B             A   B
You are holy, God

Verse 2
Spirit aflame in my heart
The same who burned in Isaac
Calls and sets me apart
You are my joy, my comforter and peace
You guide my dreams reveal the truth
And move in me to sing

Verse 3
Jesus, my brother, king and friend
The heir of Jacob, Son of God
Beginning and the end
You bore my shame
In death carried my sin
Worthy Lamb, who gave Your life
Now, I can live again

Who was and is and is to come
The Father Spirit and the Son
Holy, holy, holy One
Holy, holy God
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