Downhere - Great Are You chords

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                 G                                              C         G
How I love your works, My God, My King    (x2)
                  C                 G
Your name rings on the plain,
          C                    G
Like a not so distant train
       Em                           D
And love and history are near,
In the flowers that you make,
                   C            D
The flowers that you make


G                           D        Em       C
Because Iíll never, hold a picture of
       G                     D       Em      C 
The whole horizon, in my view
G                           D        Em       C
Because Iíll never, rip the night in two,
   G                               D      Em
It makes me wonder, who am I, 
D      Em    D        Em                       G
Who am I, who am I and great are you
         C           D           G
Great are you Lord    (x2)

{Verse 2}

G                                          C                     G
How I love your word, my God, my King  (x2)
                       C                                         G
Your love cuts through these pages to my heart,
            C                             G
As you grieve our sins right from the start,
       Em                                        D                              G
And sacrifice and paradise were in the plans that you made
                  C             D       
The plans that you made

{Repeat Chorus}
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