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Ekolu - Honestly tab

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Honestly by Rachelle Ann Go

  F  Dm  Bb  F

1st Stanza:
F9          F          Dm   
I stand before you, accused of many crimes
      Bb                                     F
But I wanna believe, that love can still survive
F9                 F        Dm                             
You don't have to say it I don't have to read your mind
                Bb                     F  F  C    
To know that emptiness has finally arrived

1st Refrain:
 Dm     C      Bb                F  C  E
How was I to know right from wrong?
   Dm                C
Words were hardly spoken 
So where did I go wrong?

Tell me honestly 
If you still in love with me
         Bb                 F
Looking into my eyes, honestly

2nd Stanza:(same as 1st Stanza)
Words have more meaning if they're said at certain times
Will i need you now so i can feel the lie?
How would you know it, you won't give me some time
To see if everything could work out you'd be mine

2nd Refrain:(same as 1st Refrain)
Will I be lost forever but someday I may find
The words that I've been searching for
Or just some piece of mine

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

  F               Eb
All the nights I sit and wonder
      Bb          C#6         Eb
If I sleep on tonight I'm through it
 F                Eb
Days and years go by my life
 Bb           C#
Living with, living with the lonely feeling

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

(Repeat 1st Stanza except the 3rd and 4th line)

Played it by ear but it sounds so close...I love this song and it's a great song...if it
has any mistakes, clarifications, just e-mail me at:
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