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Ekolu - Just One Night chords

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Just One Night
Ekolu (credit to Kanaka916 from
G                          Bm7
Just One night i'd like to spend with you
there's so much that i could do to make you happy
D7    G                                   Bm7
I would write a song for you and sing about your smile
                C                            D7
Girl if you were here i'd make it worth the while
But I guess you'll never know how much I really love you so
Cause i'm just to shy to even let you know
I wanna be there with you each and every night
instead of always having you on my mind
I wanna be there with you when the sun goes down
And be there right beside you when you turn around
To prove that I can love you for the rest of my life
D7                         Bm7 D7  G
Baby all need from you is just one night

verse 2
G                          Bm7
Just One night to show how i feel for you 
I would never treat you cruel i'll be good to you
D7      G          
But baby if you were here tonight 
       Bm7            C                               D7
then you would see just how much one night really means to me

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