Eminem - Love Game chords

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                             Love Game ft. Kendrick Lamar - EMINEM
Tabbed by: linkme620
E-mail: linkme620@gmail.com

Verse 1

hit this or play A D E D (repeat until the bridge)



  A              D   
Love, love, love, love

    D#   E
L-l, l-l-l-love

(power chords sound better)

               A    D               E       D 
She doesn't love me, no she don't love me no more

               A    D               E       D 
She hates my company, yeah she don't love me no more

               A    D               E       D 
I tried to get her up out of my head, left my bags at the door

               A    D               E       D 
She screamed she loved me like she never did before

And I told her

A               A D                       D E           E D
(Go where you want and go do what you want to do; I don't care)x2

Verses 2&3 are the same as 1.one

enjoy and correct if mistaken :)
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