Empire Of The Sun - Dna chords

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My Best guess...
Capo on 2nd

Intro and Verse

Em              Bm                C
Oh in the meadow where we lie 
Back in spring of 79
Em                  Bm            C
There were no rules to feel sublime
Lets trek down the path
Em          Bm           C       
We just slept to the radio
Gentle as my heart beats now
Em              Bm                  C             D
Turn up those years all over again, my friend


C     D            Em [ch]Bm/C[/ch]
Be my, be my DNA
Don't wanna fade away
C     D                 Em [ch]Bm/C[/ch]
Rewind, there's no yesterday 
It's all discovery
C           D               Em [ch]Bm/C[/ch]
Dreamtime, It's our special place

Lets keep each other awake
C            D                Em [ch]Bm/C[/ch]
Our hearts now they beat the same


Em Bm  D  C
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