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Ernie Halter - Pretty Girl chords

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First tab, its not the exact version, but sounds great. Capo on 2nd fret, or third if you want.

G                   C
Most girls wish that they had your eyes
G                  C
And boys secretly fantasize
G                   C                Am            C
Who me? I am just mesmerized by your every word and movement
G                   C             G
You are close as a girl can be to ideal
G            C
Somehow you disagree
The whole world sees perfection
C               Am               C
But all you see is room for more improvement

Silly girl, pretty girl
Do you not see?
G                             C
What a spell your sweet love has cast on me
Girl I pray it never will
Am               C
This trance be broken
G                           C
I melt in your mouth when you talk to me
G                      C
I want to kiss you so slow so sweet
G                       C
You are a book that I want to read
Am                C
Embrace cover to cover

Girl you're so deep inside
You're my DNA
You're how tall I am
You're how much I weigh
G                                   C
You're the reason that someone had penned the phrase
Am                 C
To know her is to love her
And I love her

D                           A
Everything you do is from some movie scene
D                            A
Every pose you strike is from some magazine
Am                  G
I want to turn your pages

Am                                            C-------G
Oh girl I pray, it never will, this trance be broken
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