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Exies - Leaving Song chords

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   Tunning: C# F# B E G# C# (tune down a step and a half)

      (B) (D#)(C#)(A) (E) (F#) 
       D   F#  E   C   G   A
   E |-2-|---|-x-|-2-|-0-|-2--|
   B |-0-|-4-|-2-|-0-|-0-|-2--|
    D                F#
    Flying crow, Fly alone
    A careless soul, That sings for everyone
    When the world closes

    D                         F#
    A steady blade, Tears the seal

    A fallen angel, Selling secrets

    We can steal

          G                               C    
    While brushing off the rust, We'll go insane

      G                                 A
    A beaten dog in anguish, Counts his days

        D    G         E
    So, come down with me 

    D    G       E  
    It's time to leave

    D    G         E
    Come down with me, I think we outta go

    D    A       E
    It's time to leave
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